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Inspire Program

Transforming Lives Through Christ and the Wonder of Learning

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Inspire Program

INSPiRE is a school wide program launched in 2016 which aims at developing the giftings God has placed inside of our students into talents which they can use to benefit and transform their worlds, or to “let their lights shine” as Jesus commanded His followers in Matthew 5:16. The INSPiRE Program at Northside Christian College is a talent development initiative intended to “stretch” the most able students, through mentoring, learning challenges, excursions and competitions.

For more information, please refer to the INSPiRE Program Handbook (2023).


The program incorporates:

1. Specialist Intervention:

  • Individual learning plans (ILPs) for students of identified high ability
  • Specialist withdrawal classes (STEM, Global Thinking, Communication)

2. Mentoring:

  • Competition-specific mentoring for inquiry competitions
  • Staff/student mentoring for each VCE/VCAL student
  • Scholarships/careers/pathways mentoring and application assistance

3. Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Global thinking: philosophy conferences and breakfasts, Model UN conferences
  • STEM workshops and activities (Lego, robotics)
  • Literature: book clubs, creative writing

4. Student Leadership Development:

  • Passion Projects
  • Senior student leadership development and training

5. 21st Century Skills Development Competitions:

  • Future Problem Solving Program
  • Debating & Public Speaking
  • Maths Olympiads
  • Maths Talent Quest
  • Science Talent Search

Identification of highly able students combines data collected through both standardised testing and characteristics checklists: achievement and ability testing (Academic Assessment Services); intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of highly able students (Linda Silverman) as identified by teachers and parents, recognising gifted underachievers as a potentially significant part of the student population:

  • Specialist intervention – ILPs: students achieving in the top 3% of their cohort and show superior reasoning ability using AAS testing, or identified through teacher observation and checklists,
  • Specialist intervention - withdrawal classes: students achieving in the top 10% of their cohort in any subject area, or identified through teacher observation and checklists
  • Inquiry competitions, student leadership development, enrichment opportunities: self-selection, based on student interest and task commitment + teacher recommendation + parental suggestion
  • Mentoring: available to all students involved in inquiry competitions, Passion Projects and Senior School

Many opportunities are open provisions for which any student may self-select.

The INSPiRE program provides an opportunity for our students to explore their giftings outside of the regular classroom in a variety of ways, and is our College’s most targeted approach for “releasing potential to transform our world.”

Please refer to the INSPiRE brochure below for additional information. 


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